Sending Invoices and Statements directly from Sage Accounts

18th July 2016 Gordon Rae 0

This is a very popular service we offer. Recently, we set up East West Storage in Glasgow, and now send 90% of these documents via email. The savings on Postage, Printing and actual time are priceless.

Ransomware: Nasty stuff.

17th July 2016 Gordon Rae 0

One of our Customers opened an email that looked “Safe” but in actual fact “Encrypted all the office Word and Excel documents, even on the Shared Drive on their Server. The infected machine had a message saying to “Release” your encrypted files they want a ¬£1250.00 “Ransom”. Even if they did pay it, this would not guarantee the recovery of their files. Nasty one ¬†indeed.

New Phone System for Phoenix Drilling

15th July 2016 Gordon Rae 0

IP Based phones have now become the norm for new office installations, here the Users can simply unplug a phone in one room, and move to another, in fact, you could take your phone home, and the phone works as it does at your office desk. This technology uses the Internet to make calls, so the calls are cheap, and you have no BT Line rental (apart from yout Fax Line, everything else is via the Internet. We also installed a 4G Dongle, so that should the Broadband fail, the phones will then use the 4G circuit. Clever stuff.

CCTV Upgrade

10th July 2016 Gordon Rae 0

We have recently upgraded a Customers existing CCTV system with a new state of the art Digital Video Recorder and and several new cameras.


Replacing Server 2003 with Server 2012

1st July 2016 Gordon Rae 0

A customer in Dunblane has just recently swapped out their existing Windows Server 2003 for the latest offering from Microsoft, namely Server 2012. We worked over a weekend so as to minimize disruption in the Office. Their old server lasted them over 10 Years.