Pay As You Go Maintained What is Covered
  • Discount Rate for workstations, printers etc.
  • Standard Rate for more complex work, such as customising Sage, and advanced email issues.
  • Server Rate for set up and configuration of Microsoft Servers.

Some Sites have a pretty good IT guy on-site, but its good if he has a Back Up Department to call when things don’t work out.

These prices vary depending on how many Servers and Workstations you have. Some of our smaller customers have as little as three PC’s right up to Larger customers with multiple Servers, dozens of workstations spread over many office locations. This can cost from under £100 per month upwards.
  • Server Maintenance
  • Back Ups
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Printer Set Up
  • Email accounts.
  • Email set up.
  • Anti Virus systems
  • Data security
  • Adding new User Accounts