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Remote Support

Support straight to your Staff computers in real time, this is rather unusual to see the first time, as your PC issue is sorted out in front of you. Most issues resolved in minutes.

Home Working Set Up

Growing to be one of the new “Norms” your staff can do everything they can do from their own “home office” all fully supported from start to finish.

Office to Office VPN’s

If you have more than one office / site, these can be “coupled” together to share all company resouces, including the phone system.

Phone Systems

Modern phone systems are now so much more affordable, with features that suit todays growing homeworkers, they can answer calls as if they were in the office.

Computers and Laptops

Take out all the thinking about what hardware you need, do you really need to spend that much? Ofter the “right computer” may not be as expensive as the one you are thinking of.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 356 comes with old favourites such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and loads of new features inc. Video Conferencing with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Server

Windows Server, the most popular Servers in the business environment. All aspects of system covered inc SQL, Payroll Apps, and Accountancy Software.

Disaster Recovery

Backups are often taken for granted, though rarely checked, and usually the “Back Up Drive” is left in the office, better to back things up to “The Cloud” automatically.

Our clients say

Our office in Aberdeen is supported by 2020it, all done by remote, and have been maintaining our Servers and computers for over 15 years.
Audrey Rennie
Accountant (Aberdeen)
Our busy Bar in Merchant City has Free WiFi, and is a customer necessity these days. Our website, emails and CCTV are all maintained by 2020it.
jim young
Bar Owner (Merchant City)
As a busy Transport Company, we rely on 2020it for all our Servers, Computers and Phone systems (which we save money on)
Ian Smith
Company Director (Glasgow)
We have just had our enire system upgraded, new Servers and a few new computers, we managed to keep some existing hardware, thus keeping the costs down without affecting overall perfomance
sean o'meara
Accountant (Hamilton)