What kind of services do we offer?

We provide 2 levels of service, Maintained or Pay as you go (PAYG).
We offer partially maintained services or full maintenance based on your business requirements.
We always do site visits for potential new clients to evaluate what you currently have, what you need and what you want. So we can advise you on how you would best benefit from IT Support.

Our Pay as you go (PAYG) service is for the businesses that perhaps have a skillful staff member who maintains the day to day running of the network in-house, but require help with the bigger issues that come up, no problem we offer our PAYG service for this very reason.

Areas we cover

We have numerous clients outside of the our main catchment area of central Scotland, Clients in the likes of Dundee, Aberdeen and Irvine.
As with all our clients we provide instant remote support to all of our maintained clients.
(being fully maintained has great benefits for your business, if IT support is something your business needs on a constant basis).